Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)


Art courses allow students to develop their talents and interests in many aspects of art. Knowledge and enjoyment of the visual arts is gained from experiences not found in the classroom. Students derive great personal satisfaction when they willingly give of their own time to complete art projects beyond the classroom.

Art 10 (3 credits)

A basic exploratory course concerned with the fundamentals of the visual arts. Students are introduced to terminology, equipment, media, and aesthetics of art through first-hand experience in creating artistic images. Projects completed independently are an itegral part of this course.

Art 20 (5 credits)

An extension of Art 10 using more advanced application in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking. Creative projects such as city art, gel transfers, and fused glass are incorporated into this course. Art 20 allows students to expand personal skills and interests, using numerous artistic media.

Art 30 (5 credits)

A comprehensive studio course based on the extension of all media with emphasis on expansions and perfection of artistic technique. There is increased emphasis on experimentation, abstraction, and emotional aspects of visual images in all media.