Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)


It is important for people to have a basic knowledge of a second language. With both English and French, people can easily travel and work across Canada and abroad. 

French students will have an opportunity to take advantage of different immersion situations. These may include a four or five week summer French course at a University in Quebec or Eastern Canada, a three month exchange during the school year, or even a visit to Quebec or France. Project work, in addition to the study of vocabulary and grammar can be expected in all levels of study. 

All courses are 5 credits each.

French 10-3Y

Is a beginning level introducing the French alphabet, number, general conversational topics: school, family, occupations, activities and pastimes. Basic grammar structures include: use of the present tense, using the negative and forming questions. This is an introductory French as a Second Language course intended for students with little or no background.

French 20-3Y – Prerequisite French 10-3 or equivalent

This course is a continuation of the students’ previous experience. The grammar concepts are aimed at having participants communicate effectively in French using idiomatic expressions and linguistic norms. Past tense will be studied. This is an appropriate course to take if you have studied French throughout Junior High or for a minimum of three years.

French 30-3Y

This course builds on previous knowledge of the language and further expands students’ linguistic understanding. Cultural concepts of Quebec, France as well as other international francophone destinations will be explored. Throughout a variety of activities students will demonstrate their communicative French language skills. This course is suggested for most students transferring from the French Immersion Program into French as a Second Language.

Advanced French (French 30-9)

This course will focus on oral and written comprehension and production and a more careful examination of grammar and linguistic concepts. Projects, novel studies, poetry and short stories, music and drama will be studied. There will be a more in-depth examination of international francophone culture.