Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)


Ultimate Goal: Student Success & Well-being

Students will be encouraged to explore, create, imagine, and engage in lifelong learning as they develop competencies that prepare them to enter the world of post-secondary studies or work. At Memorial Composite High School, we believe that student success is closely linked to student well-being and the development of social-emotional assets that build resiliency and we are therefore committed to the development of the whole child at all levels of their education.

We recognize that success and well-being will continually require the complete engagement of our educational stakeholders. We further recognize that effective strategic planning requires an educational system that maintains forethought and fiscal responsibility.

The goals, outcomes and strategies identified in this plan are focused on the achievement of the Ultimate Goal: Student Success and Well-Being.

Two enduring priorities continue to guide the work of our school and the Division. These priorities are considered to be enduring as they are necessary priorities to consider in establishing any goal:

Enduring Priority of Engagement

Engaging all stakeholders: students, staff, and the local and global communities. Goals and strategies must include a consideration of how they will be shared and supported by all stakeholder groups.

Enduring Priority of Resource Stewardship

Ensuring equitable and sustainable use of our resources and ensuring financial responsibility. Goals and strategies must include a consideration of how they will utilize limited resources with maximum results.

In addition the enduring priorities listed above, this three-year plan outlines the goals necessary to achieve student success and well-being:

  1. Inclusive Education
  2. Quality Learning
  3. Culture of Wellness
  4. Universal Leadership

We are confident that these goals are the ones we most need to achieve Student Success and Well-Being. This confidence is the product of engaging our stakeholders. Much happens in the life of students, schools and the Division, so these goals represent areas of interest in which our stakeholders desire the greatest impact. It is important to note that the plan is designed to identify areas for targeted growth, and not simply to capture everything that our school is doing to achieve success. The plan sets targeted goals for improvement, directed toward achieving Student Success and Well-Being.

We have utilized assurance processes (engagement opportunities) and accountability measures (performance data) in determining our four goals and in developing strategies for improvement.