Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)

Leadership / Students Union

Leadership/Students Union program is one in which students can earn up to five credits. It is available to students who are interested in learning practical skills in team work, decision making, reflection, organization, communication, and representing a student voice.

  • Leadership Fundamentals
    Explore basic principles of leadership and evaluate their personal leadership characteristics and qualities.
  • Introduction to Mentorship
    Learn about the characteristics of positive mentoring relationships in their personal lives and society.
  • Speaking and Presenting
    Examine effective communication, public speaking, and presenting skills.
  • HSS Project
    Develop project design and management skills to extend and enhance competencies and skills in their Career and Technology Studies (CTS) course through contests that are personally relevant.
  • Community Volunteerism
    Examine the role of volunteers in a community, perform as volunteers, and evaluate their volunteering experience.