Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)

Social Studies

Social Studies is one of the courses that students must take at all grade levels. Students must complete three 5-credit courses to be eligible for graduation. Social Studies 30-1 and Social Studies 30-2 are diploma exam courses.

Social Studies 10-1, 20-1, 30-1 (5 credits each)

This is an academic program where students are expected to concentrate on the complex and analytical study of globalization, nationalism, and ideology. 

Research, inquiry, and analytical skills, as well as reading, writing, discussion, debate, and presentation skills are emphasized in a more complex and formal form.

Recommended for students who achieve 65% or higher in Social Studies 9.

Social Studies 30-1 is intended for students who wish to enrol in a degree program at post-secondary institutions.

Social Studies 10-2, 20-2, 30-2 (5 credits each)

Students concentrate on issues concerning living in a globalizing world, understanding nationalism, and ideology. Students investigate, analyze, and evaluate polocies and actions in response to, for example, contemporary local, national, and global issues.

This is the minimum level required for graduation, recommended for students who achieve between 50% and 64% in Social Studies 9.

Social Studies 30-2 is intended for students who wish to enrol in a diploma program at a post-secondary institution, or who want to enter the work force following high school graduation.

Social 10-2S (Supported) (5 credits)

For students who require special assistance in Social Studies. This course is suitable for:

  1. Students with identified learning disabilities in reading and/or writing, with a current Individual Program Plan.
  2. Students who are entering Grade 10 from a modified program.

Students will complete the curriculum requirements of Social 10-2. Special assistance may consist of smaller class size, exam provisions, study assistance, and classroom Education Assistant support.

Upon successful completion, students are awarded credits in Social 10-2 and may proceed to Social 20-2 and 30-2.