Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)

Fine Arts & Second Languages

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program at Memorial Composite High School encompasses both Performance and Visual Arts. Students may choose to study Art, Drama, Advanced Acting, Choral and Instrumental Music. Each subject area provides students various opportunities to do everything from complete Art projects or work on a portfolio, perform, attend cultural events and even travel. Watch our Department Video below.

Second Languages

Our students have the opportunity to learn three languages: JapaneseFrench, and German.

Learning a second language means:

  • You can communicate with more people, especially when travelling.
  • You learn about other cultures - what people eat, what they wear, how they celebrate, etc.
  • You can experience the art, music, drama, literature and sports of another culture.
  • You have an advantage in further education and your career choices are expanded.
  • You can express new and different aspects of your personality.