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German is the sixth most-used language in the world, and second amongst the pioneers of the province of Alberta and the Stony Plain area. Studying German opens the door to understanding and participating in an influential world culture with close relationships to both the English language and our contemporary way of life.

MCHS students learn German in an interactive and communicative environment, participating in one, two, three or all four levels of the program. As English is a “sister language” of German, learning to speak and write German can be as simple as saying “Volkswagen”! All four levels of German offer opportunities for students to experience culture and use their language skills.

All German classes are worth five credits. A grade of 60% or higher is recommended for progression into the next course level. 

Students who have no prior high school credit in German but who have German as a first language will be required to complete Challenge Packages for each level to receive credit. Please see the German teacher for more information.

Course List

The following German as a Second Language courses are available at MCHS. Click on the name of the course to read its description.

Grade 10 Level

Grade 11 Level

Grade 12 Level


German 10-3Y

Prerequisite: None
Credits: 5
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1

In this introductory course, lesson materials are presented in various forms, including dialogues, pictures, comics and reading selections. Students learn to socialize, exchange information, count, express feelings and emotions, display attitudes, state opinions and share interests. Cultural and geographical information is an integral part of the program. Much of the course work is situational.


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German 20-3Y

Prerequisite: German 10-3Y
Credits: 5
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A1-A2

In this intermediate course, lesson materials continue to be highly interactive and student-centered. Introductory lessons in this course provide enrichment for previously acquired basic vocabulary and sentence structures. Progression of the language is quicker and vocabulary is more extensive.


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German 30-3Y

Prerequisite: German 20-3Y
Credits: 5
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: A2-B1

In this advanced course, lesson materials continue to be highly interactive and situational. Upon completion of German 30, students will have acquired the level of German language skills needed to communicate in Germany, German-speaking cultures in Canada, and other countries.


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Advanced German: German 20-6Y

Prerequisite: German 30-3Y
Credits: 5
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: B1-B2

Advanced German is an enrichment course for German students who have successfully completed German 10, 20 and 30 (or equivalent). The program focuses on oral and written comprehension and production. This involves the study of novels, poetry, drama, short stories and composition, as well as German culture and history.

Note: Although German 20-6Y is for advanced students, it is a 20-level course and thus does not count toward 30-level graduation requirements.


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