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High School (10–12)

Work Experience

What is Work Experience?

Work Experience is a program authorized by Parkland School Division and the Province of Alberta, where students are placed in real job situations in order to become familiar with the working world. The student is enrolled in Work Experience 15, 25, or 35 depending on their grade level, level of experience, and the growth and development taking place at the work site.

Are credits available?

Yes. Up to 10 credits are available at each level of Work Experience. A range of 3 to 10 credits may be earned in each of Work Experience 15, 25, and 35 and fifteen (15) of those credits may be applied towards a student's High School Diploma requirements. Every 25 hours of Work Experience earns the student 1 credit. A minimum number of 75 hours are required to earn 3 credits; after that, every 25 hours of Work Experience earns the student an additional 1 credit.

Is the student paid?

That depends on the agreement that is made before the work placement. Some Work Experience placements are on a volunteer basis while others are paid positions.

How old are the students?

The students may range in age from 15 to 20.

What are the hours of work?

Students may be employed between the hours of 7:00 am and 10:00 pm, Monday through Sunday. Any work completed outside of these hours cannot be used for Work Experience credit.

Does an employer have to accept a Work Experience Student?

No. The employer, student, parents and school must all agree to a Work Experience placement. Employers are under no obligation to accept Work Experience students.

Do students receive WCB coverage?

Yes. Employers must maintain Workers Compensation Board (WCB) coverage for their employees. However, while enrolled in Work Experience, the student is considered an employee of the Province of Alberta for Workers Compensation Board purposes. This means the student is covered by Alberta Education Workers Compensation. An exception is if the student is not working between 7am and 10pm, then the student will be covered under the employers WCB coverage.

Are there any other special parameters for Work Experience students in addition to their work hours?

Yes. Work Experience students must always be under the supervision of a qualified worker at the work site. The student is not allowed to work at an unsupervised work station. However, the student is an employee and is expected to follow the same rules and regulations as other employees at the work site. A student who fails to follow the employer's policies is subject to removal from the program.

What does a student do if they are asked to perform a job for which they are not qualified?

Students have the Right of Refusal if they are asked to perform a task for which they are not qualified or for which they may feel is unsafe. The students' safety is of utmost importance and the employer must provide a safe and caring work environment. Employers must provide proper training and safety procedures for all tasks performed at the work site. Is transportation provided to the work site? No. Students are expected to provide their own transportation to work.

What about evaluation?

The Off-Campus Education coordinator will work with the employer and the student in providing evaluation. The employer will be asked to complete occasional evaluations of the student and the student will be asked to complete an initial and a final assignment for evaluation. The Off-Campus Education coordinator is responsible for issuing the final mark.

Are there any prerequisites for Work Experience?

Yes. Students must complete and receive a passing grade in the module HCS 3000 – Workplace Safety Systems in order to receive credits in Work Experience. Students must also complete all required paperwork and the Off-Campus Coordinator must approve the work site.


If you are an employer, and would be willing to assist students in first-hand knowledge of your field of employment, please call Daryl Weisenburger Off-Campus Education Coordinator, at 780-963-2255 ext. 1091. If you are a student, please discuss the program with your parents and prospective employer and contact Mr. Daryl Weisenburger or the guidance counsellors at MCHS.