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Shifting Minds 3.0

Niagara Falls, ON, May 5, 2015 — C21 Canada, a leading non-for-profit organization, enters the next phase in its journey to nurture 21st century skills and competencies in schools across Canada by promoting an accelerated change in teaching and learning practices and their systems.  It builds on the input of the members of C21 Canada’s CEO Academy (including Parkland School Division's Superintendent, Tim Monds), who are engaged in transformative work within their school districts.

The release of Shifting Minds 3.0: Redefining the Learning Landscape in Canada delivers a groundbreaking report, rooted in the shared aspirations of C21 partners — private and public firms, not-for-profit associations, and school districts. This paper focuses on the system in which teachers teach and students learn.  This paper argues that the well-tested methods of making change in education through small incremental improvements are insufficient to the task of transforming schools into 21st century learning environments. C21 Canada welcomes your input and feedback in this timely conversation.

"The latest version of Shifting Minds continues to promote the significance of meshing vision and leadership into a realistic classroom context that educators and parents can understand and relate to. CEA research supports the point of view that innovation is happening in Canadian classrooms yet not at systemic levels. Shifting Minds 3.0 presents scenarios that can help system-wide innovation to become more of a reality than a wish," says Ron Canuel, President and Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Education Association.

"Any time you put 21 of the most progressive and innovative Canadian CEOs/Superintendents together with passionate private and public firms and not-for-profits, transformative thinking and innovation occurs. C21 Canada is pleased to provide Canadians with Shifting Minds 3.0: Redefining the Learning Landscape in Canada," says David Roberts, President & CFO, C21 Canada.

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