Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)


Positive COVID Case at Memorial

September 26, 2020

Dear MCHS Parent/Guardian,

A case of COVID-19 has been diagnosed in an individual from Memorial Composite High School. We are working closely with Alberta Health Services to ensure necessary measures are in place to protect all students. Another communication has already been sent to those students considered close contacts. So if you did not receive 2 emails from the school today, you are NOT considered a close contact.

Alberta Health Services will be contacting parents/guardians of students, as well as any staff/visitors/volunteers who may have been in close contact with the case. We remind parents/guardians of students, as well as any staff/visitors/volunteers to monitor for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.The Alberta Health daily checklist can be found here.  Please remember to complete the checklist each day prior to attending school.

As a reminder, if you/your child has any of the symptoms of illness listed on the Alberta Health daily checklist, please fill out the online Alberta Health Services COVID-19 self-assessment or call Health Link at 811 and stay home/keep your child at home.

We will continue to provide additional information to parents/guardians as it is available.

Carolyn Jensen, Principal
Memorial Composite High School