Memorial Composite
High School (10–12)


Memorial Student Businesses

Entrepreneurship is a class that allows students to start up their own company. As a part of the process, students will create a business plan, raise start-up capital, market their product or service, sell their product or service and manage the funds within their company.

Students have the option of opening a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. To gain experience, they are also required to run their booth at local farmer's markets, within the school Common Area, or in other businesses or organizations in the area.  A portion of all of their proceeds must be donated to a charity of their choice to illustrate the importance of corporate social responsibility.

Please check out and help support these Memorial student businesses:

Goon Squad

GoonSquad is a clothing company designed to give you the best comfort and style and keep you looking fresh all for a low price. The benefits for our customers are that they will be comfortable and warm while looking good at the same time.


Is life boring? Add a bit of spice to it! HellSauce is a specialty hot sauce company making hot sauce with the hottest peppers known to the human race. Our main location is in Stony Plain, Alberta. HellSauce will be operating in the MCHS cafeteria and online. Products available are Ghost HellSauce ($12.66), Reaper HellSauce ($12.66) and Scorpion HellSauce ($13). For more information message @hell_sauce_ on Instagram or email

Lock N Key

Here at Lock N Key, we work to provide a warm and welcome environment for customers to explore our jewelry. We sell earrings and necklaces at the low price of $15! Our accessories are not only cost-effective but are also stunning to look at. We are easy to find and reach, just give us a call or text at 587-404-6838, find us on Instagram at @LockNKeyShop, or email us at!

Mad Rags

Mad Rags is a clothing company where the customer gets to pick the design. Each hoodie and crewneck is packaged in an environmentally friendly tote bag so the customer gets the satisfaction that they are making a difference by using this tote bag. Hoodies are $35 and crewnecks are $30. You can order on Instagram at mad._.rags or email us at or text us at 587-813-5875. 

Obsession Skate. Co

You can now find Obsession stands around Stony Plain and Spruce Grove. Our skateboards are high quality and reliable and made of 8-layered Canadian Maple. We use multiple layers of polyurethane to provide the deck as well as the paint with protection against the elements to make for a long lasting deck. You can find us in Memorial Composite High School and at the Spruce Grove Farmer’s Market on April 10 from 9 am-1 pm. If you are interested in buying one of our skateboards, you can DM us thru our Instagram: Obsession_Skate. Our skateboards will be priced at $70 per board. We look forward to seeing you.

PÜRE Bracelets

PÜRE Bracelets is a for-charity bracelet company selling simple and trendy bracelets. Our bracelets are waterproof and durable and can fit anyone's style. They range in price from $5 and come in many colors. By purchasing one, you can choose to support Childhood Cancer Canada or the Canada Suicide Prevention Service. 10% of every bracelet will be going to a charity, the more you buy, the more you donate! You can find us at Memorial Composite High School and you can contact us at, and 587-400-4952.


Shoplux is a high quality company creating handmade personalized tumblers and mugs, suitable for anyone. You will be able to customize these trendy tumblers to fit any style you desire. Our company is located in Stony Plain, Alberta and can be delivered to your door. You can order on Instagram at Shoplux.customs or email me at Customers can take pride knowing that their purchase of any cup contributes to Shoplux’s donation to the Parkinson Association of Alberta.

Stick With Us

We are Stick With Us stickers and we are selling packs of ten stickers with a candy or bracelet. The stickers are about 2” by 2” and each package will be $7.00. 5% of our proceeds will be donated to the Terry Fox Foundation. You can find us in the Memorial Composite High School cafeteria at lunch, or the Spruce Grove farmers market. You can reach us at or 780-243-7131 or @Stick.With.Us.Stickers on Instagram.

For more information contact:
Memorial Composite High School
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